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Product Permeation

We offer dissolution testing to study the release kinetics of an active compound from a given formulation. The data provides critical information about dosage form behavior, which is a key parameter used to assess bioavailability, safety and efficacy of an active ingredient in cosmetics, food products and drugs.

This test also serves as a good indicator for product composition changes, hence an ideal quality control methodology.

We offer Franz cell diffusion method (in compliance with OECD 428 guidelines) to study the permeation and retention for raw materials, nanomaterials (delivery system), pre-formulation, cosmeceutical, food and pharmaceutical products.

Permeation study allows you to assess percutaneous absorption while retention study provides an insight on the localization of test substance to targeted area in organoid-of-interest such as skin and intestine.

We provide tailorable in vitro cell based assay to determine the functionality of a product’s active ingredient(s) after permeation study. This evaluation correlates to the biological effectiveness and stability of the active ingredient(s) after application.

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